It's with great anticipation that I'm preparing to have my hats sold at London's Fashion and Textile Museum once again this autumn.

Night and Day: 1930s Fashion and Photographs will open on October 12th and will run until January 2019. This was the wonderful excuse for me to create some new pieces, as well as adding to this summer's collection. I needed to work on my beret so as to have a plain version, with more body to style and play with. It still has a bow, but a small grosgrain ribbon one on the top. I also decided to rework my "Rendez-Vous" tilt hat and create a new one from natural straw bases. This newest "Marie-Antoinette Shepherdess" hat was inspired by romantic pastoral scenes that the famous queen of France liked to picture herself in. Finally I also managed to make a very sweet "Joli Blush" veil on an Alice band with a large velvet ribbon bow. Having had this in mind for a long time, I'm glad it looks as pretty as I'd hoped.

I hope you enjoy the tale...

annachocola hats - flowersannachocola hats - flowers