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Kasia Charko Biba Household Logo Although I grew up in France, I've always known about Biba.

My British mother used to tell me stories about how she loved to visit the store and spend most of her pocket money there. Even today, she still cherishes many of the items she was able to keep from those visits.

What made the Biba experience so unforgettable was the enchanting atmosphere that was created in the store. The art deco shop aesthetics and the ethereal beauty of the Rainbow Room left a profound impact on everyone who had the opportunity to visit. In many ways, the effect was so deep that the place and the brand have now become almost mythical.

There was a fantastic exhibition in Brighton a few years ago, also curated by Martin Pel called Biba and Beyond. I saw it with my mother who was very moved by the whole thing. Again, proof that Biba was far more than just clothes. It was a significant cultural phenomenon.

When designing this 9th hat collection for the museum shop, I mainly drew inspiration from two sources. Firstly, I looked at the fashion illustrations by Barbara Hulanicki, and secondly, I was influenced by one of the famous logos created by Kasia Charko.

The "Barbara" sun hat has a playful, wide brim, which can be styled in various ways. It is reminiscent of the floppy hats from the 70s. Additionally, I have brought back the chin straps as they were popular on last year's "Paulette" hat.

The duster cap/scarf hat is a fun hat with exaggerated ties to create a big bow at the back or at the front depending on your mood. 

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<img alt='Anna Chocola "The Biba Story explores how fashion phenomenon Biba blossomed to become the world’s first lifestyle label, sparking a revolution in how people shopped and how Biba earned its spot as the brand that epitomises 1960s and 1970s fashion.

The exhibition focuses on the years 1964, when the first Biba boutique opened, to 1975, when the legendary Big Biba closed its doors to the public. Displaying fantastic archival pieces of clothing, original photographs, film, and material all of which have been personally chosen by Barbara Hulanicki."

22 March – 8 September 2024 - Fashion & Textile Museum, London.

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